Fijian Shadows

I’m Valerie Clifford and this website is about my journey as a writer and my book Fijian Shadows, Living through the Coup of 2000.

A writer writes!

There are 70 synonyms for ‘writer’ but I’ll stick with that simple definition as it allows me the freedom to write whatever I wish.

My writing has evolved from the plays, stories, poetry of my formative years (sometimes condemned to the wastepaper bin!) through the research and academic writing required of a career in university education and teaching. A multitude of courses in Life Writing, Creative Writing and Critical Reading – generally online with invaluable feedback from tutors and other participants – has taught me so much as I’ve striven to develop my writing skills; and I’m the published author of two very different/disparate books!

Now I simply enjoy using my own life experiences and imagination to create stories for a wider audience.

“I’ve finished reading your memoir Fijian Shadows. I found it totally engrossing and could relate to everything, nodding with just about every page. You could have been writing about PNG. Like you, I left with a deep affection for the people of PNG and genuine sadness at returning to my comfortable middle class life in Australia.”

Stella Coram, Melbourne