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Global Citizens need to have an understanding of a common humanity, a shared planet, and a shared future.

Moving Towards Internationalisation of the Curriculum for Global Citizenship in Higher Education.

by Valerie Clifford and Catherine Montgomery 2011, Published by Oxford Brookes University

The title of this book reflects a journey that Catherine and I travelled over the previous three years along with colleagues from around the world. We believe that students should receive an education to equip them for global citizenship. As global citizens we believe that we should all be able to live and work successfully in our globalised, interdependent world, understanding the need to live sustainably and to embrace the ethic of social justice where we do not secure a better life for ourselves at the expense of a worse life for others. We believe in people taking responsibility for their own actions and being active social citizens contributing to society at a range of levels from local to global.

Other publications about Global Citizenship Education:

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